ayahuasca retreat jamaica

ayahuasca retreat jamaica

Others’ stories are similar, in many cases folks who struggled for 40-50 years and so on, and able to let go or address deep personal issues in the few days there. I’m at a loss for words with the rest but I will definitely recommend this place to all of my friends and family!! Event LocationInto the Light Retreats are hosted at Farm of Life, which is stationed in a beautiful, peaceful, remote location in the Southern Pacific region of Costa Rica. Have a good day, Have a good life… I just finished the retreat at Gaia and I must say this has been one of the best things i could have ever done for my life, after many failed attempts and struggles with life and all the chaos that ensues, I am finally at peace and full of love. Toucan & Macaw bunkrooms (2 sets of bunk beds, sleeps up to 4 people), Cabins in the Orchard (these 2 rooms can be arranged with a king bed or 2 twin beds, private outdoor bathroom), Monkey & Coconut Houses (2 queen beds in each house, private outdoor shower). The shamans are excellent – they hold the space with love and bring their wealth of experience to every ceremony. It was everything I could have hoped for and way more. Ayahuasca picked me up, gave me a gentle shake and somehow shook out very much of the bad stuff that had plagued my psyche my whole life. Grandmother Ayahuasca Ayahuasca is an ancient, shamanic healing ceremony done in the night with The Jaguar as its guide. You revert to the mind of the traveler channel this new found power in order to plot your path back home. San Pedro does not seem to be offered at many retreats, and I don’t think I’d consider attending a retreat that did not have at least 1 San Pedro ceremony. We hope that you are able to find the healing you are looking for. Medicine: It required a complete involvement. See you next time! These medicines are very strong, and everyone else had a great experience with the medicines. Ayahuasca: I personally did not experience anything that I could call consciousness expansion. The staff, the facilities, and even the ground itself all seem to radiate peace and tranquility. The shamans are compassionate, humorous, and skilled. Do this exercise here to help you use your heart to make the right choice. 1. And now and then they throw in a statement or a choice of word that completely catches you off guard, and laughter ensues. Truly a remarkable and life changing experience! The first was mellow and relaxing. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we’ll email you a link to reset your password. Sometimes shamans mix in Datura (Toe), Nicotine, or other ingredients to make the experience more intense. The food was amazing (all made with so much love) and the accommodations clean and comfortable. Other retreat centers I have been to are exactly the opposite, and encourage discussion of all aspects of the experience, fully supporting people through what is a difficult experience rather than blaming them for how they might feel at any point. All the below details refer specifically to the April 2017 retreat. We never said they couldn’t. It is the whole experience.


I was a first timer for taking mother Aya and father San Pedro. It is so important not to let that kind of energy take over the retreat experience of everyone else. I am so impressed from the organisation and the conditions offered, that I recommend my children to come only to Gaia Sagrada, where I know that they are guided and safe. The ceremonies are conducted with a lot of care, intelligence and wisdom, with a lot of respect for the traditions. You are welcome to apply and we require complete disclosure on your application form, particularly in relation to the points discussed below. Everyone is so welcoming and treat you like family, its exactly the experience I wanted. I am very privileged to have met them and also very grateful for Christine and the shamans to have come to together at Gaia to provide people with such an experience. There are a variety of spaces on the grounds from which one can choose to sit, chat, meditate, practice yoga or just be. It’s been a few years since I went, and I waited a while to write a review just to make sure I put exactly what needs to be said. The flow of the retreat is well thought-out; starting with ayahuasca, then san pedro, then a sweat lodge, another ayahuasca, and a final san pedro ceremony. -I have finally accepted my relationship with my dad, and I got a completely different perspective on it, where I also see it from his side. Discounts are available for booking back to back retreats. It’s all connected! There are also options for snacks and other meals you can make on your own if you are hungry at off meal times. It changed my life completely and helped me to heal in so many ways and at such profound levels that the repercussions are still being felt even today. Jerry and Christine are wonderful guides throughout the journey and the shamans are all incredible. Thank you for your lovely review! If you are looking for healing in a beautiful and supportive environment, this is the place. I’ll be back for sure!!!

We Offer Both Medicines, Ayahuasca (feminine) and San Pedro (masculine) medicines in order to provide a balanced experience.

Massage sessions with Rasta Wellness Centre (subject to Jamaica’s COVID-19 health and safety protocols). I feel so blessed and grateful that they have trusted me with their ancestral healing knowledge. I would highly recommend Gaia Sagrada to anyone who is searching for a safe and legitimate place to experience healing and transformation with plant medicines. What I experienced there was an amazing experience, not an easy one for me by any means but one which I would never undo. Can A Magic Mushroom Retreat Change Your Life? The fact that Christine, the founder, took part in all the ceremonies, shows how much she cares about the people that come there and made the ceremonies even more powerful. And it is not just for the rest. There wasn’t one time where I was frustrated or disappointed in the actions or words of anyone at this facility. Sometimes it seems like it’s “not working”. Much love to all of you. I would have learned a great deal about myself in that environment even without the medicines, although the medicines themselves were next level! These two very different medicines help with that in every individual. They are truly the Medicine. We look forward to being of service to you in your healing and awakening at our Magic Mushroom Retreat. Gaia Sagrada is a very peaceful and beautiful place. . The staff are all friendly and helpful (they enjoy what they do and actually want to be there vs. just being at a job), and the shamans are extremely wise but yet kind and down-to-Earth. True, we are a non profit, rare among centers, and we are truly in it for the evolution of humanity, one individual at a time. When I was going to visit this beautiful places in Andes mountains I didn’t really know what to expect and I received more than I could ever imagine: breathtaking views, deep, amazing ceremonies, beautiful people and… mystic dogs! I am eternally grateful. Wow. I also did not want to fight off mosquitoes in the jungle and in the mountains you did not deal with that. It fuses both contemporary and ancient Shamanic practices. These medicines are amazing and powerful, presented to you with the old traditions.

In the Ayahuasca ceremonies I have travelled deep inside and experienced lots of crazy visuals and got lots of emotional healing, and I’ve got life changing insights from my San Pedro ceremonies. I could write and write and write about this place, there is so many things to say, you just have to go there and see it with your own eyes. Safety – I remember being scared right up to the time I arrived at Gaia Sagrada, and after that it was just apprehension and not fear. We take our journey during the day at the Peacefalls, a private sanctuary that we call our altar to the medicine. Thus, what remains is wordless gratitude and silent wonderment. People are only allowed to stay in Ecuador for a maximum of 6 months unless they are permanent residents.

Xoxox. Each and everyone of them taught me something. Have you ever met anyone who balances professionalism, power, wisdom, humbleness, kindness, knowledge, and who can move you dimensions by singing? But the reward was 1000 times greater than the challenge. They even have guitars!

They are gentle and kind and funny. The social atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming – and supportive for those new to the ancient practice of using plant medicines to promote personal growth. The shamans and shamanas are incredible. We all cried and were all thankful, so thankful. I don’t think you can find a place that truly cares for you the way this place dose. I find it hard to believe that there would be other retreat centres as good as this, it really is a special place. This is a magical journey through consciousness that will change your life forever. The property is beautifully integrated with local population who’ll always greet you with a hello and smile.

Places that tell you not to mix the medicines are usually ones that don’t offer one or the other, but we have found that this is the most healing experience of them all and there are always good results! Therefore, Gaia Sagrada is offering these Magic Mushroom retreats in Jamaica, the ONLY place in the world where real magic mushrooms are truly legal. The ambience in the space was one of intense yet light hearted inquiry. Eine Ayahuasca Zeremonie kann anstrengend, aber auch ganz neue Perspektiven eröffnen.

My issues were depression and PTSD, and although I loved the experience, I did not feel the healing I had been hoping for. Vipassana is a tool to help handle adversity from an objective perspective. you won’t regret it. The two Ayahuasca experiences were totally different for me. The setting and accommodations was very conducive to inner reflection and soul searching.

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