kuroo tetsurou laugh

kuroo tetsurou laugh

weeks passed and you managed to survive to finally enjoy your spring break. you enjoyed walking to and from class but on days when the weather wasn’t on your side, you took the bus. Doesn't descriptively relay any actual scenarios. you get few customers, some ravaging college students or giggly high school students on an ~adventure~ as they like to call. - #281 w Fanfiction♡. tendou watches you grab your stuff and take off your apron and tug kuroo by the wrist out of the convenience store. but you’re sick of those pre-made meals (‾◡◝ ). you notice other players sitting on benches and the floor, obviously waiting for their turn to play, and some girls scattered about pointing and giggling at players they found cute. you scrunch your nose up at this new side of your roommate you never thought you’d witness before reaching for the remote and turning off the t.v. however, as if the universe heard your petty complaints about your kitchen, upon reaching to grab the latch of the fridge, a blob of green catches your attention. honestly, the guy never looked cuter (╥_╥).

he lifts his head slightly and there’s a pause, as if gesturing ‘you can pull away if you’re uncomfortable.’. you already know what it is from the familiar placement and handwriting.

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his mouth hung wide open and light snores were escaping his mouth. if you thought kuroo alone was intimidating, try facing all of his old high school buddies together. and then he reaches into your bag and pulls out a chip. “no game today?” you ask when you notice kuroo walking around in his lounge clothes. to say you were taken aback was an understatement.

~~Time Skip~~ “That was delicious Mrs. L/N and Y/N, thank you for the meal.” Kuroo nodded his head and thanked you both for the second time.

you mid bite on worm, pulling on one end when whoever walked in appeared in front of the counter. “aw, sorry,” you pout, knowing he was probably looking forward to playing with his friends. sure you compliment each other like that through sticky notes all the time but being shut down like that? he knows you probably don’t remember those moments though since you’re practically a zombie, giving him a “mmhn” and lazy wave in response before going into your room. kuroo spends the time following you around the store. receiving? he falls asleep with a large grin spread across his face. Najlepsze miejsce: 15.03.2018r. they’ve become a lot more endearing in such a short amount of time. then he takes three pre-made meals expired by a day. Leaning against the barrier from the kitchen to the living room, Bokuto. “are you gonna keep dancing around like a lunatic or greet your best friend?”. kuroo stops for a moment before realizing what opportunity he’s completely missing: “think about it. scooping up the last bit of food from kuroo’s leftovers, you reach for your phone to check the time. usually i head back home to my parent’s but they’re having an anniversary vacation and i don’t think it’s worth a trip to be in an empty house.”, “i’m staying, too. RIP Lev<<<< why Kenma!!??? peeling the sticky note off the door of the fridge, you hold it closer to your face to read it.

the conversation continues back and forth talking about the little things about each other people would consider basic conversation but the two of you it held much more meaning. it started out one sided with notes like: you knew he was reading your messages since when you’d return, the sticky note would be gone. his friends already knew it was gonna happen eventually.

you didn’t know what to expect but he turns back toward the movie, cheeks still burning.

“THE COOKIES!” you shout, rolling off your roommate to get the croissants you put in the oven fifteen minutes earlier.

“see you around~” tendou coos, wiggling his fingers in a goodbye manner although he knows neither of you would notice. he’s certainly aware of his growing feelings for you which once started as just interest since he didn’t really know you that well to a fat crush. kuroo turns around from facing the counter to face tendou.

. taking advantage of this surge of confidence, he quickly types the first thing he can come up with. be bold! kuroo whips his head up to look at the time.

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