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If you are a brand selling optical usb cables, USB Type C cables, Display Port, Fiber Optic HDMI Cable and Standard HDMI cables, , finding a cable manufacturer online is what you are constantly doing. You can search for them on different sites through search engines. The challenge is finding the right one. Otherwise, various problems, such as poor communication, inaccurate product information, and supply inconsistency, may occur.

If you’re someone who is planning to start a business and is looking for a cable manufacturer, this post is going to reveal some of the best tricks which will help you find your suppliers with confidence.

Where to Look for Reliable Manufacturers

Before anything else, you should know where to find a variety of manufacturers that you can choose and compare. The two main channels where you can find them are the following:

B2B Portals

A B2B portal is a platform that connects factories and buyers like you. These buyers can compare and purchase physical products from different sellers in one place. Some of the top B2B portals are :

  • Alibaba, which is known to be the biggest e-commerce company in China.
  • AliExpress, a China-based online retail service owned by Alibaba, which is also used worldwide.
  • ThomasNet, which is somewhat similar to Alibaba, but mainly focuses on manufacturers from North America.
  • Global Sources, also a China-based company that uses both English and Chinese language media for international transactions.
  • DHGate, which hosts independent Chinese exporters and drop-shippers.
  • Amazon Business, where verified businesses sell their products that come with different features, like discounts and fast delivery options.

Factory Sites

Another way of finding manufacturers is searching on Google where factories run their own websites. A factory site will give you a clear idea of what the company is about, which will help you make the smart decision in choosing the manufacturer you’re going to work with. Also, working directly with a factory will give you the best profit margin.

A Step by Step Guide on How to Find a Reliable Supplier Online

Starting with specific product requirements, the next thing you must do is find top cable suppliers. In the following guide, we’re going to demonstrate how to find suppliers on the Internet step by step. When it comes to B2B portals, we will use Alibaba as a sample.

Step 1: Determine Your Product Requirements

You must determine first what you want in your products before you start searching. You have to be specific. Keep in mind that although a particular company manufactures, for instance, electronic products, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re capable of making your electronic products. Each client has different needs, so you have to be sure that the manufacturer you’re interested in can meet your requirements.

Step 2: Search Suppliers Using Keywords

You can find suppliers using Google or other search engines by using keywords like  “cable manufacturers,” “Chinese cable exporters,” or “cable wholesalers.” Usually, you can find the factory sites on page two and beyond of the search results.

You can use more keywords related to your products. For example, HDMI cable manufacturers, USB cable manufacturers, etc. We recommend that you use more keywords to find these suppliers. After, do the first filtration work by checking their product photos. Collect all companies who declare to manufacture the products you desire.

Step 3: Scan Their Product Photos

This is like a first-time filter, but only for narrowing down the list. Once you’re on the company’s website or their shop on Alibaba, take the time to get to know the products. Navigate through their product page to learn whether the products are the ones you are looking for.

Step 4: Shortlist Your Cable Manufacturers

After going through various suppliers, you need to short-list them to save you time in choosing the right one. Some questions that will help you narrow down the list of your suppliers:

  • Is it a factory or a trading company? You’d prefer to work with a factory because trading companies are usually more expensive. Try to check the timeline in their About Us story and their factory location, if their establishing date somehow does not match with the experience, then it’s highly likely a fake factory.
  • Do they have high-end machines? When manufacturing cables, it’s essential that manufacturers have reliable machines that can produce top-quality products. Go to their manufacturing page and see their manufacturing process. This should give you some ideas of their manufacturing capability.
  • How long have they been in the business?  If a company has been in the industry for quite a while now, chances are their cables are good enough for them to survive all these years. Also, they are usually financially stable and have enough experience in meeting the different requirements of clients.
  • How do they handle quality assurance? The more stages the company makes for the quality assurance of their products, the lesser the chance for their products to be defective. Some manufacturers only perform quality tests at the end of the production process. However, this isn’t ideal for some products. In manufacturing electronics, for example, several quality tests should be done to also assure the quality of the parts inside.
  • Where do they source their parts? Many manufacturers who make similar products get their materials from the same factories. If your manufacturer doesn’t create all the parts needed for your product, it’s essential they get it from reliable factories. If you want to make sure that all your components are of top quality, ask for a list from your supplier the materials used in your products and the factories that make them.
  • What is their transaction level? This is for Alibaba only. Suppliers receive a certain amount of score for each order they complete. The higher the score, the more satisfied customers a company has.
  • How many transactions have they completed successfully? The more transactions they’ve made successfully, the better. This is an example of the completed transactions made by a company through Alibaba:
  • Do you know anyone who has experience transacting with the company? Do they have online reviews? This will help you determine if the good reviews outweigh the bad ones to see if the company is worth it.
  • Are they a verified manufacturer? Can they present any form of certificate for proof? A reliable manufacturer should be able to present you with any form of proof to show that they are an approved company. You can also check their verification status on B2B portals. In Alibaba, they have a verification feature to ensure that buyers are transacting with legit manufacturers and dealers.

Here’s an example on how to see if a company is verified by Alibaba or not:

Step 5: Contact Your Shortlisted Suppliers

Once you have decided your top picks, it’s time that you talk to them directly. Here’s what you need to do so you’ll have a successful negotiation with the company:

  1. Make sure that you have listed all further questions that you need to be addressed and clarified. Also, be precise and complete in providing them the details on what you need for your products specifically.
  2. Ask them about the minimum order quantities. By this time, you should have an educated guess on how much you’re willing to buy and how often this would be.
  3. Ask for quotes. You can only keep going if the prices are within your budget.
  4. Once you’re okay with the prices, request for samples. If the quality of the materials and products pass your expectations, only by then you will decide to go through with the rest of the negotiation. Take note though, the prices of samples are usually five times higher compared to the retail price.

Moreso, talking to the suppliers is the best time to ask them about logistical questions. Consider asking them the following questions somewhere in your conversation:

  • Will the company sign an NNN agreement? You must prioritize those companies who do so to protect your company against intellectual property theft. Although this does not fully guarantee that your product won’t be leaked, at least you have some protection against domestic frauds.
  • Who will be responsible for landing the products on their destination? You must be aware of how your products are going to be shipped. It’s not really a serious problem if your supplier doesn’t handle the shipping process. However, you’ll have to ask them if they can recommend any shipping company. Also, you’ll have to search for logistics firms so you’ll have several options to compare and choose from.
  • How does the company handle delays? The ideal manufacturer can find ways that will prevent any delays in the production and delivery process. However, situations like this can happen so it’s best that you know what to expect in case it does.
  • What are the payment terms? Almost all factories require 30% ~ 50% deposit downpayment before they begin production. In most cases, you should pay 100% before shipping. If the factory asks you 100% right away, it’s usually a red flag.
  • What about warranty? Ask them what their terms are in case the products you will receive have some defects, either on the materials, function, or workmanship.


Manufacturing is a continuous process, which is why it’s imperative that you find the right cable manufacturer. Doing so will help you save both the production time and costs. Hopefully, this post had shed some light on how you can choose the best cable manufacturer for your business. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below!