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When you purchase fiber optic cables from Koincable, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your cables are coverFor more than 6 years, Koincable has been the leading provider of bulk active optical cables that support the transmit of UltraHD A/V over long distances.

All our fiber optic cables are certified by industrial standards like EMC, CE & IFS. With our in-house testing equipment, we ensure every cable is of premium quality, excellent performance and reliable compatibility.


We are experts in AOCs and provide full cable and connector customization. By providing extensive testing and support, you’ll always have the highest performing solution at your disposal, so you can provide your customers with the best on the market.


Whether you’re looking for fiber optic cables for your wholesale/distributing business or for your OEM project, feel confident to partner with us.ed by our standard 2-year manufacturer warranty.


Why Become Our Partner?

A diverse portfolio of AOCs at the factory price and quality.

Reliable & compatible cables guaranteed with proven tests and inspection.

Completecustom solution , from cable development to packaging.

Professional advices from an expert team familiar with cable R&D and the latest standards.

Timely response from a highly-committed service team.

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