Active Optical Cables Solutions
For Long Distance Audio/Video Transmission

It’s Time To Make A Switch From Copper Wire Cables To

A Revolutionary Cable Solutions

100% UltraHD Performance

Ensures fluid, vivid and filmlike images  whether it’s transmitting the UHD 4K60 resolutions of today or the 8K60 resolutions of tomorrow.

Immersive Audio

Helps to create Surround-sound audio since active optic cables can transmit up to 32 audio channels with a 1536-kHz sampling rate.

Longer Distance

Allow for transmission of full Ultra HD Vedio resolutions to  as far as 300 meters that the copper alternatives just can’t come close to.

Higher Speed

Supports faster signal transmission  since fiber optic cables use lasers which move faster than the electricity used by copper wire cables.

No Signal Loss

Boast a lower risk of signal loss & delay thanks to its higher  immunity to EMI/RFI interference and electromagnetic noise.

Easier Setup

No bulky external power supply required due to the hybrid construction. Thin and flexible design makes setup easier in tight space than copper one.

A Wide Range Of Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

Thin and flexible, our HDMI AOCs support the HDMI 2.1 specification and transmit 4K@ 60 Hz 4:4:4 and even 10K@120 Hz video signals with a bandwidth of 48 Gbps over a distance of 300m.
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USB C Optical Cable

Our fiber optic cable coming with USB Type C interface is perfect for transferring full 4K audio video signals between computer, TV, monitor and projectors over 100m.
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Fiber Optic USB 3.0 Cable

Our fiber optic USB 3.0 cords are developed to accomplish remarkable transmission of UHD data between printers, cams, smart devices, as well as external hard drives to a computer, television, or more.
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Fiber Displayport 1.4 Cable

High-speed photonic connections for data-intensive connectivity solutions. DP 1.4 AOC delivers no EMI signal quality that proves in simulation, visualization, video walls, and large format displays.
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USB 3.0 Extension Cable

Our USB 3.0 extender copper cables are developed to achieve excellent transmission of A/V signals between various devices with their USB Type C interface.
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Benefits For Your Business

FIber Optic Cable For Distributor

For Manufacturers

Manufacturers of UHD products can make custom fiber optic cable solutions here at Koincable that are most compatible with their devices.

FIber Optic Cable For System

For Distributors

If you’re distributing cables or other communication accessories, enjoy our competitive factory prices & custom logo for your brand.

FIber Optic Cable For Manufacturer

For System Integrators

Our strong technical support can help system integrators to meet the most demanding A/V transmission challenges in their professional field.

Whatever distance or complication

Our Cables Improve A/V Transmission Effects at Various Scenarios

Conference Room

More Versatile Meeting Contents

A conference room setup requires a reliable physical connection between devices. Fiber optic cables are excellent for conference room cables. Its versatility, capable of UHD display and up to 32 audio channels.

Fiber optic cable is flexible and thin, could be installed seamlessly in any conference room.

Conference Room
Home Theater

Better Home Entertainment Experience

Home theater cables influence the home entertainment experience. Fiber optic cable for home theater is the cutting edge in data transfer technology and offers the best solution for a complete entertainment setup.

Koincable’s fiber optic cables eliminate delays and signal loss while supporting UHD video and theater-quality surround sound.

Home Theater
Control Room

Highly Centralized and Secured Control

For any centralized controlled network, a solid connection is essential for security and performance. Fiber optic cable is an excellent control room cable for its versatility, performance, and reliability.

Fiber optic cable provides fast and real-time data transfer, essential in making critical decisions.

LED Signage

More Attractive and Resultful LED Signage

LED Signage for its HD display requires a reliable and flexible cable.  Active optical cable possesses the reliability, flexibility, and performance needed as a led signage cable.

Capable of handling 24/7 8K UHD video with fireproof coating, fiber optic cables are excellent indoor and outdoor displays.

LED Signage
Virtual Reality

Smoother and More Real VR Experience

For a smooth VR experience, a VR cable must support 3D effects, handle high-quality audio, and provide a power source.

Koincable’s fiber optic cable is a fiber, copper hybrid that transfers data and serves as a power cable. These cables can share data and power the unit at the same time.

Virtual Reality
Video Surveillance

Easier and More Reliable Video Monitoring

CCTV camera fiber optics is intimidating for its cost. Fiber optic cables can handle 24/7 AV application with a stable signal transmission with protection from EMI and RFI interference.

Fiber optic cable for CCTV cameras is the best choice for a reliable 24/7 security system.

Video Surveillance
Medical Imaging

More Efficient and Professional Medical Imaging

Optical fiber cable applications are excellent for medical imaging that require a high definition quality, essential for accurate clinical diagnosis.

Koncable’s fiber optic cables provide UHD imaging, fast data transfer and are shielded from RFI and EMI for precise interpretation

Medical Imaging

Need Custom Fiber Optic Cable Solution
For Your Business?

Qualified Active Optical Cable

From A Reliable Manufacturer

Cable Design and Customization

Fiber optic cable design with COB technology, PCBA customized design, and plug shell customization, providing quality custom fiber optic cables.

Raw Material Preparation

All fiber optic cable material from the plug shell to the wires undergoes strict inspection before mass production to ensure consistency in quality.

Cable Winding

AOC is sold by optical fiber spools; the cables are winded as per request for easy installation and are available at any length.

Fiber Processing

After fiber drawing to achieve the desired thickness, the wire is subjected to fiber inserting to test the individual fibers then fiber alignment to check connectivity.

Wire Soldering

One secret of fiber optic cable manufacturers is adding copper to the AOC to handle the slow-speed transmission and serve as the power source.

Plug Shell Processing

The complex process of assembling a fiber optic cable jacket ensures the maximum strain relief for the connector and is tested before final assembly to check for issues.


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Successful Project

Plug & Play Compact Micro HDMI Adapter forInvisible Wall Mount


How about an ideal solution for connecting a UHD player and other receiver or 4K UHD display in separate areas? Our customer once required a special size of AOC HDMI connectors that was designed for easy wall installation, without extra power or connection, either transmission losses.


A specifically designed adapter helps. It’s our AOC Cables with Micro HDMI Adapter and DP Connector facilitate the passage of the cable in the narrowest places. It will be of great support for optimal functioning of high-end display system installed in a large room or an association with a 4K UHD projector.