Active Optical Cable Solutions for LED Signage

From A/V source content distribution into multiple displays to complex control requirements, our fiber optic cable for led signage is ready for the requirements of digital signage installations.

The Growing Demands of Digital Signage AOCs

Interactive Technology, Content Control, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are key trends and needs in LED Digital Signage applications. AOC cables provide the actual sensor used in IoT applications. AOC also aids in transferring data and signals for Interactive Technology and content control.

More Appealing Display

The Active Optical Cable can support an eye-catching 4k resolution display the home theater system needs to deliver advertisements and other information.

Seamless Information Switch

Numerous forms of information need to be presented on the signage, and Koincable's fiber optic cable can help give fast and reliable endless video streams and instant real-time source switching smoothly and without delays.

Easier Engagement with Audiences

Optic Fiber Cable supports 4k video resolution that gives a more realistic view of products and such. This feature can draw audiences' attention and mesmerize them into buying products and items immediately.

Devices & Systems for LED Signage

The fiber optic cable manufacturer Koincable gives digital signage solutions that combine software and hardware components flawlessly.

Coping with All Audio/Video
Challenges of LED Signage

Public Transport Hub

Public Transport Hub

The public transport hub’s main demand is to provide transportation schedule information and distribute eye-catching advertisements on multiple screens and a broad range to passengers and their target market.

  • One challenge is acquiring the ability to display content in different layouts. Additionally, the ability to control the advertising system remotely through their centralized system to schedule content showing on the screen.
  • Our fiber optic cable manufacturer, Koincable, can help with integrating with the existing A/V distribution to provide endless video streams, stable signal transmissions, and real-time control for customized video wall formats. Custom fiber optic cables can also reduce the number of signage controllers required by placing one input source to multiple destinations simultaneously.

Indoor Shopping Mall

Merchants were one of the first businesses to realize the benefits of using digital and interactive signage in their products. Customers interact with promotion campaigns while still in the store where purchasing decisions are made. 

The technology is also leveraged for interactive kiosks, self-service applications, employee training, guided selling, and in-store directions.

  • A potential challenge is how to increase the showroom’s visual appeal using 4×4 video walls by showcasing dynamic videos for promotion, showing running footage of new models, and informing customers about current incentives.
  • The solution is to create a custom 4K video wall to provide extraordinary promotional tools and clear visuals to produce an alluring environment for visitors and clients and to find custom fiber optic cables that can support the needed features.

Indoor Shopping Mall

Outdoor Entertainment Plaza

Outdoor Entertainment Plaza

Digital signage is a beneficial way for hotels, pubs, and restaurants to increase customer numbers for special gatherings and events, promote food and drinks promotions, convey future event information, and include local news and community events.

  • One possible challenge is the need to provide stable wireless transmission in a public area where cabling is impossible and to be able to stream Full HD videos without any quality loss.
  • Our custom fiber optic cable provides an effortless and wireless Full HD transmission of up to 5 displays with a single transmitter.

Highway Billboard

Billboards or highway billboards are a terrific method for conveying high-quality data and promotional information to a wide range of probable consumers, who can pass by the signages in various locations.

  • The overall challenge is to grab, pique, and engross the attention of possible consumers so that they will concentrate on the message.
  • An impressive layout with no gaps between the individual screens and custom fiber optic cables that can support high-definition (4k) display and graphics are a must to attract and retain the attention of potential consumers and passers-by.

Highway Billboard

Commercial Trade Show

Commercial Trade Show

Commercial trade shows give businesses a shot to show what they have to offer in person. They have to get the attention of potential consumers and clients first, before interacting with them. The booth’s signage and design will define people’s first impression of your company.

  • One potential challenge is how to be able to provide engaging, high-quality, and lasting signage and content that will impress potential customers.
  • The solution is to find an excellent fiber optic cable manufacturer that can assist with broadcasting bright, high-quality video content for extended periods from a centrally controlled source.

Public Lobby

Video walls or signage allow companies a tool to do more than just greet guests. Digital signage is also a remarkable opportunity for businesses to update their employees on upcoming meetings, events, and all company updates.

  • The potential challenge is how to transform an ordinary public lobby into an unforgettable experience for both customers and employees with digital signage.
  • The solution in public lobby digital signage scenarios is by having large-format, high-definition (4K) video displays and video extensions of custom fiber optic cables up to 20km to reach everyone in the area.

Public Lobby

Benefits Our Products
Bring to the Solutions

Revolutionary 4K to 8K Resolution

Koincables 4k to 8k HDMI fiber optic cable ensures the highest resolution in the market. The fiber optic HDMI provides stunning visuals, provide full-featured, impressive, and outstanding video, text, and graphics content.

All-Round Input and Output Formats

Our AOC Cable supports all types of input and output formats such as A/V display format DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI, SDI, and VGA.

Real-Time Display, Instant Response

Koincable’s optic fiber cable delivers timely and instant A/V transmission and targeted content to businesses and consumers. Schedule your profiles to play in sequence for a specific amount of time.

Effort-saving Operation

The active optical cable is easy to use and has integrated power and control features. It can quickly play credible continuous video streams and has instant real-time source switching without delays.