8700 CE Certification

8700 CE Certification demonstrates compliance with EU legislation. It is to be applied by cable manufacturers. By applying the CE marking a manufacturer declares – our product meets all the legal requirements and can thus be placed on the EEA market.

8810 CE Certification

The 8810 CE Certification assures that all our manufacturing procedures will comply at all times with EU regulations governing CE Product Certification. Our product can enter the European Union and allows free movement throughout the nearly 30 countries.

8700 FCC Certification

Each cable manufacturer requires an FCC certification for its wireless device, to obtain regulatory approval for the device in the United States. We acquire 8700 FCC Certification which primarily means an approval of wireless technology devices in the United States.

8810 FCC Certification

Our 8810 FCC Certification ensures that all our product meets the FCC’s technical requirements. And our factory’s subsequent manufactured equipment continues to meet the requirements and is the same as the original unit tested.

8700 RoHS Certification

With 8700 RoHS Certification, our cables comply the Restriction of Hazardous Substances. We have actually revised our designs to use RoHS-compliant parts and also RoHS-compliant setting up processes.

8810 RoHS Certification

To the best of our knowledge, all Koincable products currently in production are in compliance with the requirements of the 8810 RoHS Certification on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

CPR Certification

We get CPR Certification, which means we ensure minimum cable performance levels based on different installations, location types, and each EU member national requirements. This provides higher safety levels and greater clarity and traceability of the cables used in construction.

HDMI Member Certificate

As the undisputed standard for connecting consumer electronic devices, the HDMI standard is uniquely positioned to qualified HDMI manufacturer. Koincable is an HDMI adopter who is authorized to design, manufacture, and sell licensed HDMI cables.