Active Optical Cable Solutions for Home Theater

Fiber optic cable for home theater is an excellent solution for your home theater experience; Koincable, a fiber optic cable manufacturer, provides quality AOC products.

The Rising Needs of Home Theater AOCs

The latest home theater setup needs a reliable AOC home theater for its connection, capable of UHD display, and supports a quality theater surround sound; easy to install, flexible, and reliable to support high-quality A/V output.

More Vivid A/V Ouput like in An IMAX Theater

With UHD capabilities, active optical cable is the best choice to support the latest home theater system that mimics real theater experience coupled with theater surround sound for the total entertainment experience.

Faster, Easier, and Richer Home Entertainment

From projectors to video walls to surround sounds, the only cable you need to connect all devices is AOC for an excellent home theater cable. Its capabilities provide high-quality A/V output and little to no interference or delay.

More Decent and Manageable Cabling at Home

Gone are the days of having multiple wires and connectors that are hard to track and label; optic fiber cable is one uniform cable that is easy to manage and organize for a uniform and neat setup.

Devices & Systems in A Home Theather

Home theater system, you get your input and your output for connections always purchased from a trusted fiber optic cable manufacturer.

Addressing A/V Challenges at
All Home Scenarios

Living Room Theater

Living Room Theater

Durability and high performance make AOC in demand in living room home theater setup, cost aside, the convenience of easy installation and customizable length and jackets for your home entertainment system needs.

Possessing versatility, resistance to heat, flexible design, custom fiber optic cables are ideal for A/V connection.

  • The challenge is mainly on how the home theater is set up. Customers prefer a seamless look, requiring installation within walls.
  • Our AOC handles these challenges without compromising performance. A thin profile makes seamless and clever use of moldings, disguising it.

Bedroom Theater

Installing a bedroom home theater to experience full entertainment in the privacy of your room, AOC requires space where it will run and connect all devices physically.

Space for custom fiber optic cables must be free from potential devices that emit electromagnetic or radio frequencies to function well.

  • Ample space for installing and maintaining wire connections poses a challenge for bedroom theater setups. Additionally, possible interference from EMI and RFI devices could affect signal transmission.
  • Our AOC is customizable in any length and, with a special coating, is immune to EMI and RFI interference.

Bedroom Theater

Benefits Our Products
Bring to the Solutions

4K to Even 8K High Resolution

Our fiber optic HDMI cable provides UHD capability for both 4k and 8k. Our 8k HDMI fiber optic cable delivers up to 200 meters in length for high performance and UHD application.

Ever Smooth Visual Excellence

AOC cable carries signals at the speed of light, with the high-speed performance ensuring no delay in the transmission.

Unparalleled Optimized Operation

Handling audio and video output, optic fiber cable simplifies the connections between devices. Easy to organize and flexible AOC are excellent in any home entertainment setup.

Easy Device and Cable Deployment

Our active optical cable is flexible and has a thin profile, lightweight making it easy to install to connect A/V devices.