Fiber Displayport 1.4 Cable

Supports 8K@60 Hz data signal transmit to as far as 300m from an output to an input device.

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Go Faster & Farther Than Copper Wire Cables

Flawless transmit of full Ultra HD 8K video signals  while standard copper wire cables fail to do so.
Fast delivery at distance over 985ft while the copper counterparts find it difficult to achieve a standard distance of 16ft.
All-in-one plug-and-play design eliminates the needs for modules like the signal booster, transmitter & receiver.
No worry of signal loss or degradation with fiber’s immunity to EMI/RFI interference and electromagnetic noise.
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Fiber Optic Cable

Explore the Latest Fiber Displayport 1.4 Cable

Professional UHD content transmissions require affordable, thinner and easy-to-install cables that can go extended distances.

The latest fiber displayport 1.4 cable from Koincable provides high reliability for the transmit of 4K60 resolutions of today, and the 8K60 resolutions of tomorrow. Its flexible design & tight bend radius make it easy to pull through compact spaces.

With our in-house R&D team and advanced equipment, we’re able to develop active displayport cables to meet the specific challenges of any business. Ask your custom quote and start from 1 piece!

Standard Active Displayport Cables In Comparison

DP 1.4 Active Optical Cable

Item NumberKDFC-1400
Supported Date Rate32.4Gbps (8.1Gbps/ch)
Video Format4320p, 8K 60Hz Uncompressed
Connector TypeStandard DisplayPort
Cable Length1m-100m

DisplayPort 1.4 to Mini DP AOC

Item NumberKMDC-1410
Supported Date Rate32.4Gbps (8.1Gbps/ch)
Video Format4320p, 8K 60Hz Uncompressed
Connector TypeStandard DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort
Cable Length1m-100m

Mini DP to Mini DP AOC

Item NumberKMDC-1400
Supported Date Rate32.4Gbps (8.1Gbps/ch)
Video Format4320p, 8K 60Hz Uncompressed
Connector TypeMini DisplayPort with Mini DP to DisplayPort
Cable Length1m-100m

DisplayPort 1.4 Armored AOC

Item NumberKADC-1400
Supported Date Rate32.4Gbps (8.1Gbps/ch)
Video Format4320p, 8K 60Hz Uncompressed
Connector TypeStandard DisplayPort
Cable Length1m-100m

Perfect For All Types Of Professional A/V Applications

Designed for A/V distributions where uncompromised & Ultra High Definition video is required at long distances.

Home Theater

Control Room

Conference Room Presentation

TV Wall

Video Surveillance

Virtual Reality


What Is Display Port? A Complete Guide to Display Port 1.4 Cable Types and Uses

A display port (DP) is a digital display interface that transmits audio and video signals from a computer to display devices such as TVs or monitors. It can also carry USB, audio and other data forms. It was designed to replace DVI, VGA and LVDS.

 The Display Port interface is backward compatible with interfaces such as DVI and HDMI through active or passive adapters. Koincable display port cables are certified, compatible, and suitable for use in places such as electronic street boards, CCTV cameras, and more, thanks to their self-detection function and plug-and-play system.

Koincable’s display port 1.4 cable, a mini display port 1.4, and DisplayPort 1.4 8K have numerous advantages over other standard display interfaces, including high-quality pictures, improved AV transmission effect, high performance outdoors, and multipurpose use. These display port cables improve the AV transmission effect in conference rooms, LED signage, control room, video surveillance, medical imaging, virtual reality, and home theatre.

display port 1.4 cable

How to Differentiate Between Display Port and HDMI?

Display and HDMI are digital systems designed to replace VGA, DVI, and LVDS. They aim to transmit a high-definition digital video and audio display from device sources to monitors. However, this doesn’t mean they are the same. These systems are designed for different purposes and use different connectors that can’t be interchanged.

Display port is primarily used for video transmission on laptops, PCs, and tablets. Conversely, HDMI is rarely used in consumer electronics. Another difference is that HDMI has to be licensed by a manufacturer, whereas display port is subscription free for manufacturers.

Another key difference is in their additional features. For instance, a display port 1.4 cable can drive numerous displays with a single cable, while an HDMI drives a single display per cable. However, HDMI supports the Audio Return Channel (ARC) that sends sound from the display to the device source: the display port has no this capability.


Types and Uses of display port 1.4 cable

There are two main types of display ports, the standard display port and the mini display port. Though they have the same functionality and capabilities, they differ in physical size and shape. We focus primarily on Display port 1.4 cable, DisplayPort 1.4 8K, and mini display port 1.4 cable.

The purpose of the display port 1.4 cable is to transmit audio and video signals with high resolution, including 4K and even 8K, at a high refresh rate of up to 240Hz. In addition to its High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, there is a DisplayPort 1.4 8K connecting display port 1.4 cable compatible sources and display devices, thus, transmitting an enhanced 8K UHD video/ audio with HDR.

A mini display port 1.4 is the smaller version of the display port 1.4 cable. It is designed to suit devices such as tablets and laptops. A mini display port 1.4 uses compact connectors to provide a secure connection, and they can transmit audio and video signals with high refresh rates and resolution, including 4K and 8k capabilities.


The Bottom Line

The display port 1.4 cable is a high-performing digital interface offering great features and capabilities to deliver quality audio and video signals between devices. In addition to its Multi-Stream Transport (MST), which allows multiple devices to be chained together, it also supports Display Stream Compression (DSC), which reduces the bandwidth requirement for a high-resolution display.

 At Koincable, we offer various display port cables, including the display port 1.4 8K cable and accessories to boost your digital experience. Contact us today!

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OEM Support

From connector to fiber to packaging, we offer full OEM support for different businesses.

Test & Inspection

Strict tests like bit error rate test, bending test & more ensure high compatibility & performance.


Our fiber DP cables are manufactured in compliant with industrial standards like CE, EMC & more.