Active Optical Cable Solutions for Control Room

Koincable is the most trusted fiber optic cable manufacturer in the region. We have easy-to-use, high-quality, and reliable fiber optic cables for professional audio and video installations for control rooms.

The New Trend of Control Room AOCs

Control rooms are more than just static environments. New trends use AOCs to make these areas decentralized and more automated, and open source. Koincable AOC cables make the latest display and visualization technologies come to life to meet different demands.

More Timely Response

Koincable’s new active optical cables are highly optimized for demanding environments such as control rooms, data centers, and various network applications. AOCs support equipment that can provide an instant response with guaranteed impressive performance even over longer distances than DACs.

Better Inregration of Vision and Information

Let Koincable’s fiber optic cable products and AOCs help you enhance video and information management. Our fiber optic solutions provide 100% UltraHD images and immersive audio at higher speeds. Guaranteed no signal loss or delay with our latest AOC solutions.

A Wider Control Range, More Safety

Koincable’s optic fiber cable solutions offer wider and longer ranges without compromising quality. Our AOC cables can carry signals over 100 meters without delay or signal loss. These impressive qualities have made us the best choice for control room cable management.

Devices & Systems in A Control Room

A reliable fiber optic cable manufacturer will provide the latest cable solutions to integrate your servers, PCs, and surveillance systems.

Solving A/V Challenges at
All Control Room Scenarios

Utilities Control Center

Utilities Control Center

In a utility and process control center, operators monitor and control the manufacturing, equipment, or infrastructure status and various control processes to ensure the production and distribution of products or services. 

Such is the case of a state-owned power supply company that needs to relocate and enhance its control center capabilities.

There is a need for integrated and real-time monitoring of the process flow, equipment status, and other processes for better awareness and prompt decision-making. Integration of information and visualization are crucial points.

Koincable is a fiber optic manufacturer that utilizes existing network infrastructure to allow remote access plus enhanced control of single and multi-view workstations. Using fiber optic cables will enhance the overall control room performance.


Commercial Surveillance Center

Retail control centers require the integration, access, and display of high-resolution video. These systems need flexible access and the operation of local and remote operations. 

Such as the case of a department store looking for ways to enhance profits, avoid shrinkage, and limit theft. The store needs transaction and activity monitoring.

Use of existing infrastructure to work with different surveillance equipment from different floors. Provision of different rights according to security clearances and creating real-time, top-quality video and easy NVR access.

Koincable’s custom fiber optic cables removed compatibility issues of monitoring systems. Because of our experience as a fiber optic cable manufacturer, we enhanced surveillance layouts and enhanced local and remote security access.

Commercial Surveillance Center

Facility Monitoring Room

Facility Monitoring Room

Facility situation rooms need the integration of real-time video and other information streams. These offer increased situational awareness, flexible system deployment for improved control.

A situation room for a medium-sized security and maintenance company with employees located in different parts of the country requires upgrading their control room.

Koincable is a fiber optic cable manufacturer for custom fiber optic cable solutions for enhanced viewing modes. Viewing multiple computers from one analog or digital DVI screen offers instant access to different computers.

Koincable is a fiber optic manufacturer that utilizes existing network infrastructure to allow remote access plus enhanced control of single and multi-view workstations. Using fiber optic cables will enhance the overall control room performance.


Military Command Center

Military command centers need highly responsive and secure operations. These improve the collaboration of different agencies and the dissemination of critical instructions and alerts.

Additionally, a confidential rack uses the agency’s internal network, but high-level security and restricted access must be enhanced.

  • Provision of a secure connection for confidential servers and management from a central station. New switches for additional consoles, improves authentication for devices, and video content monitoring from a control room.
  • Koincable improved remote access to confidential servers for allowed users and uses custom fiber optic cables to enhance video monitoring capabilities and independent and simultaneous control of non-confidential servers.

Military Command Center

Broadcast Control Room

Broadcast Control Room

Broadcast distribution control rooms use high-quality video equipment such as custom fiber optic cables. There must be stability, reliability, and backup support to ensure uninterrupted quality transmission.

A broadcasting monitoring company and one of the largest data centers need a better way to manage their servers and ensure security and efficiency.

  • One of the top fiber optic cable manufacturers, Koincable provides centralized control of servers in full HD. Long-distance transmission of data and efficient remote access via intranet were also installed.

Koincable is a fiber optic manufacturer that utilizes existing network infrastructure to allow remote access plus enhanced control of single and multi-view workstations. Using fiber optic cables will enhance the overall control room performance.


Traffic Control Center

Traffic control centers are the heart of monitoring and operations. High-quality custom fiber optic cables guarantee incident detection and quick response to prevent heavy traffic.

Data from critical areas allow operators to manage traffic successfully. A control station in a busy city wants to develop a digital surveillance system for public monitoring.

  • For easy video analysis, a fiber optic cable manufacturer must create a cost-effective digital surveillance solution with real-time monitoring and display of images captured by cameras on a large wall.
  • Koincable created a modular switch that integrates with the traffic control surveillance system to manage inputs from different cameras in various locations. With this, officers can quickly take action.

Traffic Control Center

Benefits Our Products
Bring to the Solutions

Hassle-free A/V and IT Integration

Fiber optic cable connects AV and IT equipment for servers and device-room systems. Our AOCs are scalable and flexible to help control rooms become more responsive and interactive.

Simpler to Operate and Manage

Koinable’s AOC cable solutions are designed for simplicity. Operators can safely and securely access controls remotely while servers and desktops remain clutter-free and more manageable. Expect simpler GUIs to reduce human error.

More Vivid and Timely Control

Let us help you create a smart, collaborative control room with our optic fiber cable products. We build accurate and real-time access to your systems to handle emergencies from different locations immediately.

Secured Information Process

Koincable offers reliable access to systems in various security domains 24/7. Our active optical cable solutions ensure rapid support for monitoring systems from a local control room and an offsite station.