6 Things to Consider Before Buying HDMI Cables (Manufacturers’ Insights)

Every consumer item in the market has its own unique features and pros. Purchasing the right one, needless to say, is the key for guaranteed satisfaction. This concept is especially true when it comes to HDMI cables. How people choose between various cable types among several brands are naturally dictated by different factors. There’s no […]

Which Type of HDMI Cable Do You Need?

What are the Different Types of HDMI Cables? Several HDMI cable types exist in the market, each designed to meet a particular performance standard. And with continuous technological advancements emerging, HDMI specifications are correspondingly adjusted to ensure optimal capability and performance. With such variety, consumers may find it frustrating when determining the cable type best […]

Explaining HDMI Types

Introduction to HDMI HDMI, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface, is a proprietary audio/video interface. It is capable of transmitting both high-definition (HD) videos and audios between two electronic devices via a single cable. Over the years, HDMI has rooted among the public enclaves. Being a single-cable solution to every consumer’s audio-visual needs, HDMI promotes guaranteed convenience. […]

How to Connect a USB to an HDMI without an Adapter?

Introduction With the ever-escalating demands for better audio-visual experience, it’s no surprise that consumers seek out technological advancements matching their needs. While smartphones, tablets, and other portable media-playing gadgets mostly satisfy this, many people want to view their favorite photos and videos on bigger screens. Connecting these devices to televisions and home theater/AV/Surround Sound receivers […]

What is USB to HDMI Cable?

Understanding HDMI and USB Cables – The Basics From busy classrooms to high-end city offices, or even just at an ordinary living room, people have used their smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks and other gadgets to connect to display media like computer screens or television monitors. The transmission of these visual and audio data, plus the ultimate […]

Everything You Should Know About the HDMI Alt Mode and the USB Type-C

What Is the HDMI Alt Mode? About two years ago, a type of cable was released so people can already connect their ultrabooks, smartphones, and tablets to an external TV or monitor simply by using a USB port. HDMI Licensing, the company that licenses and controls the HDMI specifications, launched the HDMI Alternate Mode, simply […]

The Definitive  Guide to USB Cables

Introduction USB cables are mainly used for transferring data and charging devices. This seems to be a simple statement. Many buyers purchase cables directly thinking they’re all the same and created equal. This is not entirely true. When you purchase the wrong cables, several problems may occur, like the USB ports stop working, no sound […]

How to Customize USB Type-C Cables

Introduction The USB Type-C cable is the rising standard for transferring data and power. According to the NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service, the sales of USB-C in 2017 is more than ten times compared to 2016. Today, it’s included in new devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. In the near future, it will likely be […]

How to Find a Reliable Cable Manufacturer Online

Introduction If you are a brand selling optical usb cables, USB Type C cables, Display Port, Fiber Optic HDMI Cable and Standard HDMI cables, , finding a cable manufacturer online is what you are constantly doing. You can search for them on different sites through search engines. The challenge is finding the right one. Otherwise, […]

USB Cable Manufacturing Process

Introduction [image src=”https://gleegiftbox.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/USB-cables.jpg”] The Universal Serial Bus, or USB, is a technology that allows digital data communications over short distances. The USB ports will allow USB devices to connect with each other and transmit digital info across USB cables. If you’re someone who’s looking to buy USB cables in bulk and is wondering how they […]